When the HGTV show House Hunters reached out to a family in Naperville to feature them in a segment of their show, they didn’t imagine they would have to go through, “hell and back.”

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Stephen and Shirley Brockman’s decided to have their Sugar Creek Court home featured on HGTV’s “House Hunters.” But ever since the show’s taping the decision hasn’t been sitting too well with the couple.

The show’s film crew came to shoot footage four days before Christmas for a segment that might not air for a year, according to a story from The Naperville Sun.

“House Hunters” is a popular half-hour reality show where an individual, couple or family scouts three homes with the assistance of a realtor, ultimately to choose a home for themselves at the end of the episode.

For 16 years the Brockman family has lived in their six-bedroom house, now they are looking to downsize. Stephen told the paper he didn’t know why his house was chosen about a month ago, but he went for it, because he wanted exposure for his home, which is on the market. They spent hours hiding Christmas decorations and other furnishings so that film crew could shoot in their home.

After stowing away more decorations than was initially thought to be required, the family left for the day during filming. Brockman said they took all of Dec. 20 to shoot, and the people were nice and polite.

When the family returned, they learned the episode wouldn’t air for at least another two months, or up to a year. Mr. Brockman said his family did not get any return for their time and energy invested, and they were not compensated in any way. He added that what was more frustrating was learning the buyers had already purchased another home.

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“Basically we were cleaning for a showing where no one was buying,” Stephen Brockman told the Naperville Sun. “I wouldn’t do it again. What is the point?”

Mariana writes for Rare Chicago.
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