Navy Pier Dog Show is changing what you think of the “bully breed”

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

On Saturday, Navy Pier hosted the American Bully Kennel Club’s 11th Annual National Competition.

The event focused on breaking negative stereotypes as well as celebrating the bully breed’s reputation as one of the best K-9 doggos around.

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“This truly is a companion breed. It does nothing more than love its owner. That’s the whole purpose of this breed.” said president of the ABKC Dave Wilson said.

“One of these dogs will look you in the eyes, and all it wants to do is please you,” Wilson continued.

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Wilson added…”This breed will make you fall in love with it because its a breed that truly loves you.”

Although only one precious pup can technically win “Top Dog” honors, if it were up to us, all the dogs would win for being their perfect, glorious selves.

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