Neapolitan Pizzeria Opening in Hyde Park

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

With Neapolitan pizza growing in popularity in a city known for its pies, it’s about time the trend makes its way to Hyde Park as one of Lincoln Park’s best pizzerias has closed up shop to relocate to the University of Chicago’s campus.

Stretching dough, adding toppings and navigating a 900 degree wood-burning pizza oven are just a few of the tasks to be completed by the staff at the new Nella Pizza e Pasta on East 55th Street. Nella herself switches between making pizzas and pastas, according to ABC.

“I was six years old when my father started to teach me how to make pizza,” Nella Grassano said. “Because my grandfather and great grandfather were pizza makers.”

Most of the pizza toppings come straight from Italy and the dough is guaranteed to have their trademark leopard spotting, cooked to perfection. With fresh mozzarella, basil and mushrooms and so many more options, the pizza is a star, but the restaurant also serves antipasta dishes as well.

In addition to the dishes, the restaurant also serves unique Italian beers and cocktails like negroni.  Grassano said she prides herself on being the first Neapolitan-focused restaurant in Hyde Park.

“I’m the pioneer,” Grassano said.


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