Chicago is the shit.

And, on August 8, 2004, it was Dave’s.

While crossing the Kinzie Street Bridge over the Chicago River, the bus driver for Dave Matthews Band’s tour bus decided the location was as good of a place as any to release 800 pounds of raw sewage.

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Already an inexplicable choice to make in one of the busiest ares of downtown Chicago, it occurred during the afternoon, all while about 100 people aboard Chicago’s Little Lady, the tour boat, were cruising by underneath.

“Passengers on the tour boat, Chicago’s Little Lady, described a downpour of foul-smelling, brownish-yellow slurry that ruined their clothes and made several of them sick,” the Chicago Tribune reported at the time. “After the incident, the boat returned to its dock where passengers were given refunds.”

The driver of the tour bus was sentenced to 18 months probation, 150 hours of community service and a $10,000 fine, which was donated to the Friends of the Chicago River.

Dave Matthews also donated another $50,000 to the Chicago Parks District and the Friends of the Chicago River.

But it seems like neither money nor time can mask the smell of this story, which continues to waft through Chicago history 13 years later.

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More recently, Consequence of Sound made a satirical video, complete with a reenactment with a plastic boat in a sink and what we hope is chocolate syrup.

Never forget, Chicago.

NEVER FORGET: That time Dave Matthews Band gave Chicago a super shitty gift AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh