New highway billboard follows trend of Chicago landmarks calling out President Trump

With unease parading around U.S. citizens in regard to the White House Administration and President Trump himself, Chicago seems to have a booming voice, determined to get the president’s attention.

From simple things like planting a protester in the Botanic Garden White House display to the more official actions such as following the Paris Accords, Chicago has not faltered in challenging President Trump and now, one sign is demanding his attention. Reddit user CleverAliases recently posted a photograph of a sign off of I-90/94 that pokes at the president’s unrevealed taxes.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

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“Show us your taxes Mr. Trump,” the highway sign reads.

Reddit users commenting on the thread contemplated if the president would ever see this message, toying with the idea that it could gain the attention of the White House.

Speaking through signage seems to be a particularly popular way for Chicagoans to call out the president and speak their mind as this billboard follows a recent controversial sign posted by a local hot dog joint. The Wiener Circle’s message to President Trump was a bit more lighthearted, poking fun at his misspelled tweet.

“Proudly Paris Accord compliant covfefe,” their sign read.

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With the Reddit thread becoming a “hot topic” on the site, many users are seeing the sign and leaving their own messages regarding it and the White House Administration. One thing seems to be clear about Chicago however as things move forward: President Trump will not be able to ignore Chicagoans forever.

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