On-duty Chicago officer accused of sexually assaulting a suspect in police custody

AP Photo/Paul Beaty

On Sunday evening, a male suspect at an area hospital accused an officer of sexually assaulting him while in police custody, said department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.

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The male officer is assigned to the South Side’s Gresham district and was on-duty when the alleged assault took place.

The officer, unnamed at this point, was placed on desk duty and stripped of his police powers.

An investigation by the Department’s Bureau of Internal Affairs is being conducted. No criminal charges have been made as of this writing.

Details are still sparse on this alleged crime but it is one of a few recent news items about Chicago police that are concerning on various levels.

A yearlong investigation by the FBI and the Chicago Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division has unraveled allegations against multiple police officers of an Area Central gang team ripping off drug dealers.

The city is also dealing with officers connected to corrupt cop Ronald Watts who was notorious for planting drugs on suspects. Many of the convictions have been overturned, but only after the suspects wrongfully spent time in prison.

One off-duty officer recently had two misdemeanor charges filed against him for assault and theft at a bar fight on the Northwest Side.

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Most recently, video footage surfaced that showed a Chicago police officer throwing a steaming hot cup of coffee at a passing motorcyclist.

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