One small business is making people angry with her comments about slain police officer Paul Bauer AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast
AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

Last week, Commander Paul Bauer was shot and killed in the Loop at the Thompson Center after pursuing and engaging a suspect.

There has been an outpouring of support for the Commander who was remembered as a dedicated community member who left behind a wife and 13-year-old daughter.

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But after his funeral this past weekend, a jewelry store owner posted her point of view about all of the coverage that the murder has received, and to say the least, it’s a bit of a different take.

In a post that has now been taken down, Sherri Bourdage wrote:

“This funeral seems overkill to show respect to a member of the biggest gang in the city…chicago police. I look at all the money they are spending on this funeral while ignoring suffering kids. They literally take the funding away from kids after school programs including music and sports Cps pays cpd 30 million a year for police protection at schools. If they have something to do after school, they wont get into trouble on the streets while parents at work.”

She took down the post half an hour after originally writing it when she found out it was screenshot and posted on a pro-law enforcement website. That’s when the bullying began.

Media website Blue Lives Matter, which is run by current and former law enforcement officials and their families, actually managed to get in touch with Bourdage for her to tell her side of the story.

“Shouldn’t I have a right to free speech on my own private Facebook page?” she asked the website. “I’m really sorry they misunderstood my intent. I’m sorry that they felt disrespected, but they disrespect and bully a lot of people.”

She’s received dozens of phone calls and bad reviews on Facebook since the comment has been spread. She noted that a lot of the posts have been made by Trump supporters and compared the bullying to ganglike activity.

“If this isn’t a gang, I don’t know what is,” Bourdage told the website through tears. “They’re sure acting like one, aren’t they?”

Bourdage has previously been the target of the Chicago Police Department ever since she started speaking out against a school principal that was “shaming” and “grooming” students, and targeting families in this country illegally.

“The principal tried to have my son arrested, saying that he took a loaded weapon to school,” she said. “He said I had access to weapons and that I threatened to set off an atomic bomb. He put me on the terrorist watch list.”

The principal obtained a restraining order against Bourdage but when she recorded the principal driving by her home, this led to her being arrested. “I was falsely arrested by police and they did not apologize to me,” she told Blue Lives Matter. “They treat people like animals – inhumanely – a lot of the time.”

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For the time being, Bourdage is not going into work. But despite all this, she is hopeful for a positive outcome.

“I don’t think the commander would condone their practice,” she told the website. “I think he would tell them that they should listen and be supportive and try to help. I don’t think police are bad people, and most are good, but there are a lot that are really bullies.

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