With summer approaching the Chicago police have begun laying out their plan to fight violence and crime in the city this season.

On Tuesday, a public meeting was held in an attempt to join together the ideas of the community and police to make the city safer during the summer time. The meeting, which was held in Bronzeville, demonstrated the combined efforts of aldermen, police commanders and local residents who all came together to talk about the issue, according to WGN.

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As part of the plan to keep a handle on the violence this summer, aldermen across several wards made mention of cracking down on places that have become known as trouble spots in the city. Specifically, they addressed watching businesses in the south side that have been known to cause problems.

In addition, the city has promised to residents that it will do more to get the resources needed to more effectively and efficiently tackle the problem at hand. A lack of resources only makes violence more prevalent and the city acknowledged that on Tuesday.

As part of the proposed solution, police will be using targeted patrols which they hope will help prevent violence as well as more easily identify it. Police also say community involvement is key to putting an end to high violence rates and they hope to get residents more involved.

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