Police chase starts in Indiana, ends on South Side with two in custody


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

After a wild police chase, an Indiana sheriff’s officer along with his dog are recouping after the chase began in Northwest Indiana, later ending on Chicago’s South Side.

According to WGN, just before 9 a.m. on Thursday, Illinois State Police say suspects stole a Mercedes in Cedar Lake, Indiana. The driver was able to run, ditching the car despite Lake County sheriff’s deputies chasing the Mercedes.

The trunk was full of catalytic converters, the news outlet reports.

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After the perpetrator ran, a Lake County canine officer along with his dog, Rocky, was accidentally hit by an undercover officer, the news outlet reports. State police say the suspect stole a pickup truck from a Goodyear tire store in South Holland Illinois.

According to WGN, the truck led police to the South Side of Chicago from Indiana – speeding through neighborhoods and down side streets. Though it should be noted, the speed never exceeded 80 miles per hour according to the Lake County, Ind. Sheriff’s Department. According to the department, as they had a helicopter in the air for the entirety of the time, they felt safe to pursue.

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The news outlet reported that the truck eventually stopped just after 10 a.m. in Washington Heights near 92nd and May. Two men, both in their 20s inside the truck, surrendered.

According to WGN, the men are expected to be charged in Indiana but are currently being held in the Cook County jail. It was reported that no guns were recovered and the only injuries reported were the dog who has a broken paw and is in a cast. The officer only had minor scratches as well as bruising but is okay.

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