Pop-Tarts takes consumption of their pastries seriously — so much, in fact, they contacted the State Police when an Illinois man slathered mustard on his pop-tarts and posted it to social media.

The tongue-in-cheek brand learned of this offender on Tuesday after he posted his love for covering his Dunkin’ Donuts Vanilla Latte-flavored Pop-Tarts with yellow mustard, reported Fox32.

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“You guys aint [sic] from Illinois if you don’t put mustard on your poptarts [sic],” wrote the man in a now-deleted Twitter post which also contained a photo of his mustard-slathered pastry, according to Fox32.

As you can imagine, things escalated quickly and the official Twitter account of Pop-Tarts retweeted the man’s post, tagged the Illinois State Police Department and asked them to intervene, according to Twitter.

“Can you guys handle this[?]” they inquired.

Though their query was met with silence, the police department of Dixon, Ill. responded on Wednesday to offer a helping hand. “Ain’t nobody puttin’ mustard on their Pop-Tarts in Illinois,” they pledged.

Pop-Tarts later retweeted the Dixon PD’s message, thanking them for their support. “Due to the severity of the crime, we need all the help we can get,” the company added.

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Pop-Tarts said it considered the battle to be “won,” as the Illinois offender deleted the original Twitter post with the victimized pop-tart on Thursday morning.

Pop-Tarts have been analyzing people’s odd flavor mash-ups for the past few weeks now according to their Twitter activity — and let’s just say people love their condiments.

Pop-Tarts has a lot of calling out to do as people are now posting their ridiculous combos and it is VERY entertaining. Pop-Tarts has no shame in calling you out for your bizarre combos – so consider yourself warned and post with caution….

Pop-Tarts tweet police about Illinois man who eats pastries wrong way Twitter