If you thought Prince Harry was an over privileged man who gets to eat all the wonderful foods in the world, you are dead wrong. Being a royal means maintaining a certain figure, and Harry knows this.

In a interview last month during his visit to Brockholes Nature Reserve, Prince Harry revealed that he gave up pizza completely, and also has never toasted a marshmallow?!

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“They’re too sweet for me,” he told PEOPLE. If we are being honest, s’mores is an American tradition, so we don’t fault him for missing out on those early childhood campfire memories. BUT PIZZA??!

Prince Harry was in town recently, paying a visit to Hyde Park Academy, located across the street from the future Obama Presidential Center. Accompanied by former first lady Michelle Obama, they sat down with the high school’s students. Naturally, deep-dish pizza being a Chi-town staple, it was emphasized that the British royal needed to dine like a true Chicagoan.

The students all had the opportunity to discuss the power of young people’s voices in making a difference, but it was an answer Prince Harry gave while being quizzed on Chicago’s signature delicacies that was one of the biggest (and best) surprises.

“I can safely say from my experience, and all the travelling I’ve done, all over the world, speaking to people your age – the younger generation is the cure to all of the problems,” he told the students.

After a serious discussion, the students from the school on Chicago’s South Side, located across from the future site of the Obama Presidential Centre, suggested trying Chicago traditions such as hot dogs and pizza.

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In a video posted on Kensington Palace’s Instagram, the royal proved he was one step ahead, “I don’t even eat pizza anymore, but I had pizza last night.”

“We had deep-dish and we had thin crust. I promise you, I will make sure I eat Chicago.”

Good on you Harry, good on you.

Prince Harry ditched pizza forever, until he set foot in Chicago PHOTO VIA GETTY
Mariana writes for Rare Chicago.
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