Rahm is proposing to tax Lyft and Uber today in 2018 budget Josh Edelson/AP Images for Lyft
IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR LYFT - In this image distributed on Thursday, Feb. 9, 2017, Lyft’s new Amp glows on the dashboard of a car in San Francisco.(Josh Edelson/AP Images for Lyft)

Mayor Rahm Emanuel will release his 2018 budget plan in an address later today.

The mayor is calling for a 15-cent increase in the fee for Lyft and Uber rides to finance CTA train and bus upgrades.

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The tax will increase by a $1.10 a month is expected to give $30 million to the city. A $53 million city property tax increase is already scheduled to hit homeowners next years.

The budget calls for more officers and investments in youth programs.

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The mayor is also planning for an increase in the amusement taxes to 9 percent from 5 percent for venues with more than 1500 seats.

Smaller sized venues now paying the 5 percent tax, wouldn’t have to pay any more.

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