Ravenswood clothing donation box set on fire, body found


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Early Thursday morning on Chicago’s North Side, a man’s body was found in a clothing donation box.

In the Ravenwood/Uptown area, after extinguishing a fire in a clothing donation box at 7:15 a.m. – the Chicago Fire Department found a body in the remains according to WGN9.

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Police are currently investigating what happened.

There is speculation that the man was homeless and may have climbed into the box to try to stay warm, therefore starting some type of fire according to the news outlet.

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Currently, according to WGN9, it is being classified as a death investigation and is a developing story.

A touching documentary by the Los Angeles Times on homelessness [specifically in L.A.] addresses the how and the why people fall into economic hardship and we have included it below for those who want to learn more about helping the homeless community in Chicago as well as across the nation.

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