Beautiful ‘River Domes’ are making a comeback in Chicago and other fun tidbits! Photo by City Winery Chicago
Photo by City Winery Chicago

What is a “River Dome” you ask? For those of you who don’t know, the magical Star-Wars like outdoor-contraption will be coming back our way this fall at the City Winery on the Chicago Riverwalk. And it is every introverts dream!

The outdoor bubble is climate controlled and gives wine and cheese consumers the chance to chillax and enjoy the view from Sept. 18th to Nov. 27th. Domes can also be closed or opened depending on weather and/or current mood and can be reserved for 2.5-hour blocks for just $25, plus $60 food and drink minimum per person.

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Has your favorite grub spot taken a hiatus? Our sources tell us the high end, seven-year-old Noble Square restaurant – a favorite of many foodies, Ruxbin – closed its doors on Ashland Avenue this week. Although the owners said they would soon return, we so shall see…

Another favorite spot, Pizzeria De Nella, has left its Lincoln Park location after five years – and is moving to Hyde Park and boy, have they got a good one! Pizzeria De Nella made the iconic pizzeria map on Eater Chicago’s and we are confident will continue to make waves, south of Chicago.

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Also, have you noticed avocados are more expensive than their usual pretty-expensive priced sticker? If you did, congrats! They are more expensive than usual and its due to a shortage. Many restaurants are considering pulling avocado from menus all together as any dish made with the delicious fruit will soon soar in price…if you listen closely, you can hear the silent screams from Millenials who will be mourning their morning avocado toast.

And last but certainly not least, a neighborhood staple in Lincoln Park, Wrightwood Tap, is under new ownership and will be rebranded under the name of Tavern 57. Though the 75-year-old corner bar will continue to not have a kitchen, new owner Richard Honquest will be bringing in a rotating lineup of food trucks every Sunday and a pizza vendor on Saturdays beginning this weekend. So we will see you there?


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