Sammy Sosa has always been a popular name in Chicago, but now the former Chicago Cubs player seems to be back on top of everyone’s talking points as he appeared in an interview looking noticeably different.

Sosa appeared in an interview with ESPN earlier this week and fans were shocked by the transformation he has taken, according to WGN. Sosa has been changing things about his appearance since his retirement from baseball, but this latest change seemed to spark a lot of conversation on the internet.

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In the interview, Sosa appears in a pink fedora with a skin complexion much lighter than before and internet users could not stop sharing their opinion on the new look.

“This is what self-hate looks like: Sammy Sosa before and after,” Twitter user, @LittleButTalawa tweeted out along with side-by-side photographs of Sosa during his years with the Cubs compared to his new look.

The new look has done nothing for Sosa as far as his estrangement from the Chicago Cubs which has gone on for over a decade now, according to CSN. Sosa’s ego still seems intact and undamaged seeing as he recently compared himself to Jesus Christ in February when he interviewed with Chuck Wasserstrom.

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Sosa played for the Cubs for a strong 12 years, but did not resurface last year when the boys took home the World Series trophy and many speculate his new appearance may be part of that. When Sosa appeared on television in 2009 and was asked about his lighter complexion, he shrugged it off saying it was the result of a skin cream he uses before bed, but his complexion now is even lighter with some comparing his skin treatment to the late Michael Jackson.

With few appearances in the spotlight and a drastic appearance change, confusion has grown about why Sosa looks so different and social media users are not shy about sharing their opinion on the former Cub’s new look.

Sammy Sosa has a new look and fans can hardly recognize him AP Photo/George Widman
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