This animal foundation saved an abandoned dog from her own fur


Thanks to The Trio Animal Foundation (TAF) a dog who was dropped off at an animal shelter was rescued from a “prison of her own fur” and TAF is hoping to spread the word to animal owners and admirers, everywhere.

The pup – who now goes by the name “Holland” – was posted on TAF’s Facebook page back on November 8th, citing the terrible trauma the poor girl went through on her long journey to recovery.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

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“On September 27th, Holland was dropped off at an open-access shelter in deplorable condition,” the post started. “Knowing that she needed immediate medical attention, TAF was called and we acted right away. Once in our care, we worked on trying to free Holland from the vice-like matted fur that encased her body.”

Photos of Holland posted alongside the post revealed Holland’s long, matted, dirt-brown fur hanging from her face, body, and tail. TAF noted some of the mats were three inches thick, forming a “shell-like casing of matted fur” over most of her body.

“Holland’s matted ears dragged the ground and were at least 6 inches long,” TAF wrote. “They should have been more like 2.”

Holland would have to be sedated to undergo surgical grooming as Holland’s skin was both inflamed and infected underneath. Vets thankfully treated her with antibiotics as well as pain medication to help her heal from the inside out.

In addition, she also went through extensive mental health healing from the stress of being neglected over a long period of time. She did not enjoy any human contact whatsoever, most likely due to the lack of care she suffered in the past. TAF paid tribute to Holland’s therapy dog, Miller for bringing her “out of her shell and bring a smile to her face.”

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Up to this point, Holland’s time with TAF gave everyone who heard about her story a hope for Holland’s future. But everyone’s hearts truly soared when they discovered the completion of her treatments came to an end and was eventually matched with a loving couple who gave her a forever home.

“After weeks of TLC, medical treatment, and emotional rehabilitation, we are so happy to announce that Holland has found her forever home!” TAF wrote in a post. “Holland immediately bonded with her new mom and dad and they were head over heels for her.”

You can read more about the precious girl, courtesy of the TAF’s Facebook page…

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