Recent dashcam footage taken on I-290 in Chicago shows a very unexpected – and potentially unauthorized – vehicle passing by with sirens and lights.

Gray minivans aren’t usually the first choice for police or roadway authorities. Not to mention, seen driving on the shoulder.

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Comenters on the footage point to a black SUV seen driving earlier on the shoulder, suggesting, perhaps, the speeding minivan was an undercover state trooper just a little bit behind on a chase.

While Illinois State Police do indeed utilize gray undercover SUVs, they look quite a bit different than the one shot in the video, however.

And, while the video is a bit blurry, the van appears to be adorned with a regular civilian Illinois license plate, as well, not a State Police license plate.

But if potential next-level soccer moms speeding to get their kids to practice on time isn’t enough excitement for you, that’s not all that’s been happening on Illinois’ roadways:

Screen shot of’s video

Earlier this month, footage was taken of a mysterious black ring in the sky over I-55. It stopped traffic along the highway, and the origin of the ring is still anyone’s guess.

Of course, everyone’s initial reactions pointed to aliens, but nonbelievers think the smoke ring could be related to fireworks or some other kind of controlled explosion.

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One commenter on the video is confident it came from the Elk’s Lodge firework celebration, saying it happens all the time.


But that would make way too much, not to mention boring, sense.

Portal into another world perhaps? Or maybe the world’s tallest man was taking a smoke break?  The truth is out there, and we are not alone on the road, you guys.

Watch out for mysterious cars and smoke rings, and drive safely!

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