Slow things down, and check out this awesome video of lightning striking Willis Tower

Screen shot of Dinelli's video

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Nature is powerful.

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And, as captured in this breath-taking footage, awesome.

Thank goodness for the state-of-the-art lightning systems atop Willis Tower:

Unlike traditional lightning rods, the former Sears Tower electrical deterrent system protects the building through use of a protective veil of charges, known as a corona, surrounding the building at the antennas.

Specific statistics aren’t kept on lightning strikes for Chicago’s crown jewel, but weather experts estimate major skyscrapers like those defining our skyline’s take around 25 strikes per year.

That said, Chicago sees more thunderstorm days – roughly 38 – than other places, like NYC, which averages around 19 stormy days per year, so there could be more charged up videos coming your way!

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