Small Cheval is opening a new Chicago location to serve you up even more delicious burgers Getty Images

Well now I’m craving a burger and I don’t think that craving will go away till I head to Small Cheval and get my hands on a tasty cheeseburger. I’m not going to wait till they open their newest location though, which will be in Old Town, specifically 1345 N. Wells St.

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An extension of Au Cheval, Small Cheval is less upscale burger joint with just a few menu options. Basically you are going there to get a delicious Cheval burger without the Au Cheval wait time.

Their original location is in 1732 N. Milwaukee Ave. and they have two other Chicagoland locations as well.

The restaurants are owned by Brendan Sodikoff’s Hogsalt group which own a plethora of delicious restaurants like Green Street Smoked Meats in the West Loop. And while there isn’t a timetable for when the new location will open, it’s safe to say it will be just as good as all the rest.


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