The state Department of human services is facing charges from a 24-year-old Illinois man. He is suing them due to the work and misconduct of the social worker assigned to his case.

According to CBS station WBBM-TV reports, one 53 year old Christy Lenhardt, seduced and sexually abused him while he was at a state mental institution in suburban Chicago.

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The man’s name is Ben Hurt, a 24 year old who is being represented by attorney Joe Cecala. The statement Cecala released said: “She engaged in all kinds of various sexual misconduct. The graphic details are every sex act that you can imagine.”

Ben claims that Cindy sexually abused him while he spent time at the Elgin Mental Health Center. He then told detailed encounters of how she basically kept him as a sex slave for much of the last three years.

“She’s accused of manipulating and seducing our client, repeatedly, and it took her about four months until she actually had sex for the first time with him,” Cecala said. “We have evidence of her perversion, both in her emails to the client, nude photos.”

Hurt ended up at Elgin Mental Health Center when he pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity in 2014 for battery against a police officer. According to his mother, he was only supposed to be in there six to 12 months, but they are now both accusing Lenhardt of making excuses to keep him at the facility.

In a statement to police and the news, D’Anntanette Lee Ben’s mom said: “They assured me that they were going to help me with my child. What she did to my son was wrong.”

Cecala and other attorneys are also suing two other psychiatrists and the center’s director who apparently knew about the abuse and didn’t say a word.

As for Lenhardt, she was fired from the center in July, after Hurt was released and he complained about the alleged abuse.

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Lenhardt has not been charged with a crime, but attorneys said the state police are investigating. News media outlets have not been able to get a hold of Lenhardt. A spokesman for the Elgin Mental Health Center declined to comment on the pending lawsuit.

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Mariana writes for Rare Chicago.
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