Well, it’s been a few months, so it seems appropriate to check on Sammy Sosa’s status….

According to Twitter, the former Chicago Cubs baseball player was in Paris to celebrate his birthday.

And uhm…..what?

Let’s all hope that was just a bad take….

Nope. Okay, this is getting worse, very fast.

I think we can all agree life after baseball has not been kind to Sammy.

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Sosa was last seen on social media back in July when he appeared as a Pepto Bismol-colored fella on ESPN:

It also appears as if there is a new photo entry for the “Neapolitan Sammy”:

Is Slammin’ Sammy just want to be Bob the Brain from “Stranger Things 2” post-Halloween?! IS HE IN THE UPSIDE DOWN?!!?! OMGGGGGG!

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Whether we get to the bottom of this or not…let’s just savor social media’s reaction to Sosa’s latest transformation….and then hide your kids. #Yeesh

Sammy Sosa was seen in public again and his skin transformation has Twitter freaking out On File