Sparrow Coffee finally opens in Naperville! Instagram/Sparrow Cafe

Going on a date to a fancy dinner is a nice thing to do at least once a month or so. Even if the date is yourself #TreatYoSelf! But what if it’s just not on the budget?What if you couldn’t even afford the fancy coffee they sell at fancy restaurants? Now that’s a bummer.

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But bummer-no-more, Chicago cause we got good news for you, this weekend Sparrow Coffee Roastery opened up for a super-secret-hush-hush-invitation-only opening party at its new location on Water Street in downtown Naperville.

Yep, that’s right! Naperville is now home to the flagship café of Sparrow Coffee, whose elite roasts were once only found in Michelin-starred restaurants and other high-end eateries. The café, located at 120 Water St., will serve up over 100 blends of craft coffee made with the utmost precision by carefully trained baristas.

Their coffee is “exclusive to Sparrow,” according to the company’s website. They say they searched throughout the U.S. to find a dairy farm that would meet their “core commitment to quality. According to Sparrow’s website, the goal is to create an open space that encourages conversation among customers.

The Sparrow Coffee café’s minimalist design highlights the high-tech barista station where the barista’s don’t just make coffee, they “create art,” the website says. The café interior features sleek angles of black steel and concrete, along with warm earth tones and imported walnut furnishings.

The milk comes from Jersey cows at a biodynamic farm located in Wisconsin and the company says the milk the cows produce has a rare “rich and delicate ” quality. The café also offers alternatives to cow’s milk, including the now trendy oat milk.

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Sparrow Coffee’s café is currently in “soft opening” and plans to hold a grand opening at the end of February.

Mariana writes for Rare Chicago.
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