Our hearts are full after this complete stranger on a flight helps dad AP Photo/Stephan Savoia, File
AP Photo/Stephan Savoia, File

Flying with small children is no small feat as most everyone knows, parents included.

According to a report, by Inspiring Day, Evan Hughes and his wife were recently flying from Chicago where they visited friends, back to their home in Dallas – along with their 8-month-old son.

Due to the inclement weather, their initial flight was canceled, so the couple attempted to book another flight to get home on time but were not able to book flights on the same plane according to the news outlet.

As Evan was going to make it back to Dallas before his wife, they jointly decided he would take their son. Evan’s first flight was from Chicago to Atlanta and during his short layover, he changed his son’s diaper, then rushed to board the flight to Dallas.

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When Evan sat in his seat, he started talking with the woman next to him, and by the time the plane took off – Evan was beat. He was not able to sleep the night prior as both Evan and his wife were figuring our the new flights and had to wrangle his 8-month-old son without his wife. Evan said according to the news outlet it was “one of the worst days in a long time.”

As the flight went on, it became apparent that Evan’s son was entranced with the woman sitting next to them. Evan then found out that she had two children of her own and worked at a daycare.

His son was even trying to climb over Evan to sit in the woman’s lap, to which the neighbor offered to hold the baby for a bit but Evan declined. Though his son soon became upset as clearly, he wanted to sit in the stranger’s lap and look out the window.


Evan then decided to allow her to hold him for a few minutes so he later accepted the offer, the baby then promptly fell asleep after looking out the window. During the remainder of the flight, Evan and his neighbor took turns holding the baby which kept him very happy to say the least throughout the flight. When the plane finally landed, the two chatted for a few minutes and then said their goodbyes.


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Evan was unsure on how to thank her for helping him so much and asked for her email – doing the only thing he could come up with – sending her a virtual Starbucks gift card.

He shared with the news outlet, “The exhaustion from the day had caught up, and having that temporary reprieve to catch some shut-eye was amazing.”

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