Sugar Grove holiday sign causes discord between residents AP Photo/Michael Dwyer
AP Photo/Michael Dwyer

Karen McCannon – a Sugar Grove resident – has been a part of a village committee that decorates a tree at the corner of Cross Street and Route 47 for the past three years. Next to that tree was a “Merry Christmas” sign — that was until someone called and complained according to a WGN9 report.

“I was stunned that we have a village that has nearly 9,000 people, and one person can dictate to those 9,000 people,” McCannon said.

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Brent Eichelberger, Sugar Grove Administrator, sent WGN the following statement below regarding the sign:

“The village attorney has advised us to be very strict in the enforcement of signage regulations, particularly signs located in right-of-ways or on village-controlled property. With rare exception, the village cannot regulate signs based on content. If the sign in question was allowed, then other signs would need to be allowed as well.”

“The issue is that last year we didn’t have any problems,” McCannon told the news outlet.

Residents put their noggins together and collectively paid a visit to Rich’s Auto Service and Towing across the street. The owner, Russ Wendling, said he would “absolutely” be interested in putting up a sign and so that sign sits smack in front of Wendling’s shop, welcoming on-coming traffic according to WGN9.

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“People see it whether they want to or not, because they’re parked here,” said the Sugar Grove resident, Joe Didier to the news outlet.

According to organizers, a local sign company is creating more signs so both residents and business alike may put them on display on their own property.


“I just want us to be able to say Merry Christmas,” Karen told WGN9.

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