The Windy city took a beating with massive storms and strong winds this past Wednesday as mother nature pounced on anything and everything in sight.

Summer storms drenched the streets of the Chicagoland area along with surrounding suburbs bringing with them torrential winds and hail storms in some areas. The winds had no mercy, knocking down anything in their path along with trees and power lines in several areas, according to WGN.

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The Evanston area took a big hit, particularly throughout the Ackerman Park area where large trees were knocked down as if they were a simple blade of grass. Ancient trees more than 100 years old were brushed aside by the wind, toppling over onto homes less than half their age. ComEd crews have been working in the area since the damage was reported to minimize the affect in the community.

Along with the storms and debris, some areas experienced massive flooding and are still recovering from that as well.

Summer storms are terrorizing the Chicagoland area AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh
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