At Super Bowl XX, Jim McMahon alleges Mike Ditka bet on Bears

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In the Super Bowl XX, Jim McMahon had first-hand experience, witnessing the Chicago Bears dominate the New England Patriots, and 30 years later – McMahon thinks there is a chance head coach Mike Ditka made a bet on the game in Vegas.

According to 247Sports, RJ Bell on Fox Sports Radio talked about one of the biggest Super Bowl prop bets of that year, which was on William “The Refrigerator” Perry scoring a touchdown in the game.

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On the program – it was noted the odds were set at 50/1 when it opened before jumping up to 75/1 after Ditka said that week he did not plan on using Perry in that situation.

The program continued, saying there was a rumor going around for years that Ditka was mad at Vegas due to the year before, the Bears were listed as big underdogs to the San Francisco 49ers.

Cue the interview where McMahon was asked if he thought Ditka bet on the game…

“I think he might have bet,” McMahon said to “I’m not positive, but I know he likes to gamble. Everyone likes to gamble every once and awhile. I’m sure he probably put some money down.”

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There is no viable evidence whether or not the bet actually happened at this point – also McMahon noted he was only speculating on Ditka throwing down some money on the event.

To watch a portion of that interview, scroll on below.

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