Cook County Sweetened Beverage Tax to be repealed next week, finally… Photo by Getty Images / Scott Olson
Photo by Getty Images / Scott Olson

The Cook County soda tax is expected to be repealed next week. Cook County Commissioner Sean Morrison says there will be a repeal vote in the finance committee on Oct. 10th – FINALLY.

Sean’s office says they have enough commissioners signed on to repeal the soda tax as well as withstand a veto from Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle.

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Commissioners include Richard Boykin, John A. Fritchey, Timothy O. Schneider, Jeffrey R. Tobolski, Peter N. Silvestri, Bridget Gainer, Gregg Goslin, John P. Daley, Jesus G. Garcia, Stanley Moore and Dennis Deer.

The beginning of Cook County’s fiscal year – Dec. 1st – is when the repeal would happen.

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In a statement, Preckwinkle’s office released the following:

“President Preckwinkle mapped out for commissioners yesterday the two divergent paths they face for FY 18. The Finance Committee vote is Tuesday and final Board action would not come until Wednesday. We’ll withhold any further comment until that time.”

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