As they say, you can’t beat fun at the old ball park.

Taylor Davis is the catcher for the triple-A minor league baseball team the Iowa Cubs and is going viral.

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WGN posted a video compilation of of Davis somehow always managing to find the camera at any time of game, from any distance, and seemingly from any angle.

Signing autographs? National Anthem? Taking a water break? Davis finds the cameraman every time.

Davis razor-sharp focus and deadpan eyes make you wonder if he’s got a radar going off in his head when the camera’s on him.

The four anchors can barely contain themselves watching the video and for good reason.

“When you have a gift, when you’re that good looking, you want to share it with everybody,” says one of the anchors, with quite the clever pun.

Naturally, “Cant’ Take My Eyes Off You” by Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons is playing over the video.

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Good for Davis to know that if he never gets that call-up from the minors, he can always fall back on a modeling career.