A riot broke out Halloween night in Hyde Park in what was supposed to be a nice neighborhood party, that turned into a bit of a mess.

Almost 400 teens came out, DNA Info reports  of the event, pointing out that it was still less chaotic than last year’s “Halloween Purge,” that resulted in damaged cars and fights.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel looked on during the night and Barack Obama’s motorcade pressed through the crowds.

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Organized by 4th Ward Ald. Sophia King and 5th Ward Ald. Leslie Hairston, they created a party on the Midway Plaisance to draw teens away from 53rd Street and it apparently flopped, failing to attract more than a handful of teens the entire night. Volunteers said teens refused to get on the buses and shuttles designed to ferry kids to the party on the Midway.

The neighboring McDonalds which closed early this year has been a focus of trouble with teens last year. King-Smith said it helped keep teens from gathering in too large numbers in a single spot. She said it was still a challenge to control the crowds as teens made 911 calls elsewhere in Hyde Park to draw police away from where the teens wanted to go.

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Police additionally reported recovering as many as eight BB guns, and many officers said they were on edge the whole night because many of the BB guns looked like real guns. Several teens were “bold” enough to shoot at each other in front of police. It was unclear as of 10 p.m. Tuesday how many teens were arrested, but at least five were taken into custody.

University of Chicago police also reported two armed robberies Tuesday night blocks away from the main gathering on 53rd Street.

Hundreds of teens cause riots and chaos as Rahm was eating dinner watching them Via AP Images