Chicago theater told ‘Wakanda Isn’t Real’ and this was their response

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As “Black Panther” dominates the box office with its groundbreaking tale, critics have come out of the woodwork to find issues where there are none – and that is why we have Twitter.

According to the Atlanta Black Star Naperville’s Hollywood Palms Cinema in Illinois did a clap back via social media at critics who responded to one of its promotions for the film with a “series of annoying comments” reminding the theater that Wakanda is not a real place.

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Wakanda if you don’t know is the fictional African nation in the movie, Black Panther.

And cue the theater’s clap back “apology” for any confusion…

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“Hollywood Palms apologizes for the error,” the theater wrote. “We didn’t wish to give the false impression that Wakanda, a country with bulletproof suits that fit in small containers, flying cars and gender equality, is a real place. ”

They also (hilariously) noted:

“We would also like to take this opportunity to apologize to any Sokovian refugees (The Avengers), citizens of Kamar-Taj (Doctor Strange) or visitors from far-off Asgard (Thor) who may have been offended.”

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According to the Atlanta Black Star, internet trolls are alleged to be attempting to defame the film’s influence by spreading fake news of racially-motivated attacks against white moviegoers at the film’s premiere.

As of Monday, “Black Panther” has made $40.2 million in ticket sales.

Watch the trailer for Black Panther below – courtesy of FilmSelect Trailer.

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