After a reports of multiple cases of childhood cancer, concerns have been raised across a few South Side neighborhoods and suburbs.

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A study by the Illinois Department of Health looked at the neighborhoods of Beverly, Mount Greenwood and Morgan Park, as well as nearby suburbs of Evergreen Park and Oak Lawn

The study looked at cases between 2005 – 2014. The conclusions from the data from that time period is that there is no reason for concern of a “cancer cluster” among youth and teenagers, but there are some other questions the study has raised, according to DNA Info.

There were four cases of elevated cancer rates throughout the area that were higher than expected across various demographics. These include:

  • Malignant breast cancer among women under 50
  • Uterine cancer among white women
  • Lung cancer in white men and women
  • Prostate cancer in black and white men

As of now, there are no conclusions, such as environmental factors, that may have led to these increased levels.

Dr. Moira McQuillan of the Evergreen Park’s Little Company of Mary Hospital suggests that factors such as radon and behavioral elements like drinking and smoking may have led to these.

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“You can’t deal with anecdotal evidence in something like this,” said. State Senator Bill Cunningham who called for this study.

“This is something that really requires a more detailed study. The numbers we have right now, we are kind of frustrated by.”

These Southwest Side neighborhoods are concerned about a possible “cancer cluster” AP Photo/Elaine Thompson