You don’t have to go all the way to Buffalo, New York to get authentic and delicious buffalo wings according to the Daily Meal.

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They released their list of the 25 Best Buffalo Wings in America and three of the restaurants are in Chicagoland. They write about the wing with more poetry than one would have thought possible:

“What was once a flabby, borderline useless part of the chicken that was most commonly used for stock suddenly becomes a crispy, juicy snack that’s perfectly good with just a little salt. But drench the wings in a combination of hot sauce and butter, and they become one of the most delicious foods known to man, and the perfect companion to a football game and a cold beer.”

The wing itself has its origins dating back to March, 4 1964 (coincidentally, Chicago was incorporated on March 4, 1837; the more you know). The credit goes to Teressa Bellissimo for creating the “simple” combination of butter and hot sauce on deep fried wings that were originally intended to go in the stockpot. The rest is history.

As for the Chicago restaurants? Jake Melnick’s Corner Tap comes in at #15 in the country. The Daily Meal writes that the wings at Jake Melnick’s (41 E Superior Street) “are pretty much flawless, evenly fried, perfectly sauced, and handled with care. Big, meaty, and juicy, they’ll make a wing lover out of those who swear they’re not a fan.”

The “super-crispy, crunchy, and perfectly sized, the wings at Buffalo Joe’s” (812 Clark Street) that “come drenched in a stellar wing sauce, available in plenty of heat levels” are what land the Evanston restaurant the #19 spot; they recommend getting a side of cheese fries too.

“Plump, juicy, and flavorful, the wings at Bird’s Nest (2500 N Southport) are also some of the largest you’ll find,” making the Lincoln Park restaurant a place to come hungry to.

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Naturally, the majority of the restaurants on the rest of the list are located in New York and surrounding states, but it’s good to know Chicago gets some recognition on the list. Makes planning where to eat while watching the Bears much easier. And depending on the spice-level, you can blame the wings and not their playing for the tears in your eyes.

These three Chicago restaurants have the best Buffalo wings in the country AP Photo/Larry Crowe