This story about a “serial stowaway” will make you think twice about airport security

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Airport security has gotten more and more strict over the years. But 66-year-old Marilyn Hartman keeps finding ways to get through without a boarding pass.

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According to the Chicago Tribune, Hartman, of Grayslake, is facing a felony charge for taking a flight from O’Hare to the United Kingdom without a ticket as well as a misdemeanor of getting into an airport illegally.

She passed by two TSA agents by covering her face with her hair around 2 PM on January 14th. She originally tried to get onto another plane headed to Connecticut, but after trying to “dart around” another passenger, was told to sit down by a flight agent.

She then took the bus to the international terminal where she slept the night.

After getting past ticketing and customs agents the next day. She found a flight to London, spotted an empty seat, and it wasn’t until she landed in Heathrow Airport that she was caught.

TSA is researching security footage and investigating how exactly she was able to maneuver all of this. “This matter is subject to an ongoing investigation and TSA is working closely with our law enforcement and airline partners in that effort,” a TSA spokesman said in a statement released last week.

“During the initial investigation it was determined that the passenger was screened at the security checkpoint before boarding a flight. Upon learning of the incident TSA, and its aviation partners took immediate action to review security practices throughout the airport.”

To be fair, Hartman has had practice. She was most previously arrested in February 16 for trespassing charges and has been arrested for similar crimes in California as well.

At that time, she said she believes she has been able to do this at least eight times.

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In addition to the charges, Hartman was strapped with an ankle monitor. Said Judge Stephanie K. Miller, “There is no pun intended for your client, but she is a flight risk given the number of offenses.”

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