Thousands plan to scream like Goku at the Chicago Bean

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What better way to take out all of your frustrations against the world than screaming at an inanimate object that also happens to be one of the most iconic works of public art in the city of Chicago?

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For those not familiar, Goku is the main protagonist from the Dragon Ball animated series. Goku screams when he is powering up and preparing for battle.

As of this writing the Facebook event has over 3,700 people who say they are going as well as another 15,000 people that are interested. No official endorsement has been posted by Millennium Park.

The flash-mob style event doesn’t take place until Saturday October 14th at 4 PM so there is plenty of time for that audience to grow.

This isn’t the first time an event like this has taken place. Check out this video posted last week of Goku screaming happening elsewhere:

As DNA Info writes, a few other bizarre and fun events like this are taking place, including Naruto Run’s around the UIC quad and at the Hyatt Regency at O’Hare, and a group sing-a-long of the Pokemon theme outside the Sears Tower.

If all that sounds a bit too nostalgic or juvenile to you, then you might want to mark your calendar for having an existential crisis at the UIC quad in December.

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Because let’s face it, this world is an increasingly confusing and terrifying place. The idea of being able to scream with thousands of other Dragon Ball Z fans might feel like the most unifying event one can partake in at this point in time.

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