Alright guys, Summer is almost over. It’s officially over September 22nd, so we have to soak it all in before then. So that’s where ‘Leave Work At 4pm Day’ is coming from I guess. In a world where it’s National Puppy Day every other week it seems, this “National Holiday” is welcome for sure.

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Red Bull is the genius behind this endeavor saying:

4pm finish isn’t about slacking off, it’s about being more productive.

That’s why we’ve surveyed a range of experts – including a scientist, an ex-sports star and a range of successful entrepreneurs – for their tips on clearing your in-tray.

Yeah this is from the England HQ of Red Bull, but who says this can’t be celebrated in the United States too?! Honestly this should just be a world holiday. I’d be fine with that! If enough of us get behind this, it just becomes law. I think that’s how it works.

It’s safe to say, everyone on Twitter is HYPED!

So what will you do with your extra hour! I think happy hour just got way better!

Tomorrow is National ‘Leave Work At 4pm Day’ So Tell Your Boss (Or Don’t) Today! (AP Photo/Rick Rycroft)