Transgender inmate has been granted her transfer to female prison AP Photo/Eric Risberg, File
AP Photo/Eric Risberg, File

The Illinois Department of Corrections has granted a transgender woman to move her from her current male prison where she says she has suffered abuse by both guards and inmates, according to her lawyers.

According to a WGN report, the Tuesday agreement does not include the decision on whether 26-year-old Deon “Strawberry” Hampton will become one of the state’s first transgender women to be granted a requested transfer from a male to a female prison.

We covered Deon “Strawberry” Hampton’s story last week regarding the abuse she suffered while in prison as well as how rare the transfer request was.

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Jessey Neves, a lawyers’ spokeswoman of the MacArthur Justice Center says that the decision will be made within 60 days by a gender-identity committee according to the news outlet.

According to WGN, hearings were cut short before a southern Illinois federal judge on Hampton’s request when the sides agreed Hampton would be moved to a different facility pending the committee decision.

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The news outlet reports Hampton is serving a 10-year burglary sentence.

WGN reports that the department did not return messages seeking comment.

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