Chicago now ranks as one of the safest cities AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast
AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

Two days ago, Trump called out Chicago again for being “out of control” with crime after the city reminded him about our strict gun control opposed to neighboring states.

While the city did surpass the 500 homicides mark last month, a recent ranking of the safety of 60 global cities-a-metric that looks at a variety of safety aspects beyond gun violence-placed Chicago in the Top 20 worldwide and third among American cities.

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A report from the Economist Intelligence Unit, The 2017 Safe Cities Index takes into account the following: digital security, health security, infrastructure security and personal security. Surprisingly, Chicago ranks No.19 safest city.

In terms of digital security, Chicago fared well, ranking third overall, behind only Tokyo and Singapore. Researchers noted the city has moved 12 spots over from last year’s ranking.

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“The city is home to several leading cyber security firms and in January its mayor, Rahm Emanuel, announced the launch of a new cyber security training initiative. Developed by the Department of Defense in partnership with City Colleges of Chicago, the training is designed to increase the supply of professionals able to secure critical computer networks in the public and private sectors,” the report states.

Chicago overall was ranked 27th overall in infrastructure security. No American city made the top 10 in that category, which ranks the safety of buildings, roads, bridges “and other physical infrastructure.” But hey, 27 ain’t too shabby.

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