Two officers injured after mysterious crash on the South Side Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

An investigation is underway to determine exactly how a car crash involving two on-duty police officers happened.

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According to WGN, two officers crashed a police car into a construction barrier at 83rd and Woodlawn at around 5 AM earlier this morning.

Their SUV trapped both of the officers after crashing into a large hole in the construction zone. The Chicago Fire Department had to extricate the two male officers from their vehicle.

The two officers were rushed to a hospital. One officer, 25, suffered injuries to his arm, hip, and leg. The other officer, 33, has injuries in his right arm.

Their injuries are considered non-life threatening and are both listed in stable condition.

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The story is still developing as to why this accident happened.

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