With talk of legalizing marijuana in Chicago, two visitors in for Lolla took the initiative in their own hands and began selling pot out in the open.

Well, at least from all from their van filled with pot-laced snacks.

Parading around in a bright green vehicle stamped with “Weed World” signage, as well as phone numbers for delivery, before they were busted, people lined up to purchase lollipops and other treats, with flavors like “Lemon Drop Kush,” “The Purple Urkle” and “Herojuana,” according to CWB Chicago.

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Chicagoans doubted people would drive around in a van stamped blatantly with “Weed World” obviously selling pot, but prosecutors say it’s true, and two people are being charged with peddling $97,952 worth of allegedly pot-infused snacks on State Street from last weekend alone.

According to reports, the two were caught when a man to whom they offered their snacks called the police.

When officers arrived near the sighting, they quickly spotted the van and took a peek inside to find lollipops matching those advertised on the side of it.

The officers “have learned through their work experience that edible items can be infused with cannabis,” according to CWB Chicago.

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Robin Moss, 51-year-old resident of Birmingham, Alabama, and Bradly Griggs, 36-year-old resident of Douglasville, Georgia, are both being charged for selling pot-laced snacks in their ice-cream man style business.

Specifically, the two face Class X felony manufacture-delivery of over 5000 grams of cannabis and felony possession of more than 5000 grams of cannabis.

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