Two lawsuits against Chicago Police could cost the city more than $600,000 for accusation for misconduct. The two cases are the police shooting of Joshua Beal and the tasering of pregnant Elaina Turner.

In both cases there are lawsuits filed against the Chicago Police Department for excessive force on the officer’s end of the situation. With growing tensions in the nation, these cases coming so close together does not bode well for CPD as they are now tangled in a sticky situation that could have been avoided.

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In the incident involving Turner and her financeUlysses Green, a police brutality case has come out of a police officer repeatedly shocking Turner with his Taser, according to a YouTube video posted on July 20. City records show the officer involved has a “troubling” history with similar cases and the reports filed in the brutality case reveal that the excessive shocking caused Turner to suffer a miscarriage, losing her child.

In Beal’s case, the argument rests that an off-duty officer did not properly identify himself before shooting Beal, leaving his fiancée and two children without him, according to DNAinfo. The off-duty officers involved in the incident fired 11 shots, hitting Beal in the abdomen, back, chest, groin, shoulder and thigh, and grazing his head and forearm.

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With Turner and Green’s case being looked at more closely than before, the city is trying to settle at $500,000 for the life of their unborn child and Beal’s fiancée is calling for more than $100,000 to cover her family’s loss. Police brutality lawsuits are costing the city money, time and a better reputation, leaving Chicagoans to worry about things that could be prevented.

Two police brutality lawsuits could cost the city more than $600,000 AP Photo/Tae-Gyun Kim
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