Two women tried to lure children into their car with candy according to a recent community alert issued by Chicago police.

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This happened at around 11:15 AM on Monday morning outside of John Hay Community School along the 5200 block of West August Boulevard in the Austin neighborhood.

The two suspects were seen in a black sedan. They were waving at the children near the school trying to entice them with candy.

Students alerted school security to the two women who then drove away. Not much description of the suspects has been given, only that one woman had straight hair and one woman had curly hair.

If anyone has any information or notices anything similar happening, they should contact Area North detectives at 312-744-8266.

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This also serves as a reminder to be extra vigilant on Halloween and to remind any children and young ones trick or treating on their own to be careful.

Two women tried to lure children into car with candy outside elementary school Creative Commons