U.S. Attorney nomination for Chicago-based Lausch moves onto the Senate

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On Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee sent to the entire Senate their nomination for the next U.S. attorney. It looks like John Lausch is to be the next Chicago-based U.S. Attorney. He is expected to receive confirmation with little to no obstacles.

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Launch advanced on a unanimous vote of the committee to be the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois. The nomination made by Donald Trump didn’t come as a surprise since the White House worked in advance with the Illinois Democratic Sens. Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth to pick a candidate, “everyone can live with.”

“From the outset, Senator Duckworth and I made clear to the White House that we expected Zach Fardon’s successor to be selected in a bipartisan fashion—and we believe that John Lausch is the right person for the job,” said Durbin in a statement per The Chicago Sun-Times.

“With all the partisanship and division in Washington, it’s critical that Chicago’s U.S. Attorney be a nonpartisan professional. We were glad to work with the White House on Mr. Lausch’s nomination and I’m pleased to support him in Committee today,” said Durbin, a member of the Judiciary Committee.

Prior to the nomination, the White House sent Lausch’s name to Durbin and Duckworth. They had him evaluated by a nonpartisan screening committee put in place specifically to review potential contenders for vacant U.S. Attorney, U.S. Marshal, and federal judgeship positions in Illinois.

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If confirmed, Lausch would replace Zachary Fardon, who held the job for more than three years before U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions asked 46 U.S. attorneys appointed under former President Barack Obama’s administration to resign. Fardon was one of them.

No date has been set for the Lausch confirmation vote.

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