Ummm how many guns were seized this Labor Day Weekend?! AP Photo/Julio Cortez

Somehow, police are praising this past Labor Day weekend. It’s mostly due to how it was “down” from last Labor Day Weekend in Chicago. Last year police reported 13 killed and 51 wounded and that’s higher than this year’s number which is 7 killed and 42 wounded in shootings.

Authorities say the decrease in violence was due to an extra 1,300 police officers were on call as well community events and targeted operations. But the big story is that over 110 guns were seized from just one man. This was well over the quota of 1 gun per hour.

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“It’s not a victory. This is progress in the right direction,” said First Deputy Supt. Kevin Navarro. “We really couldn’t do this without the officers that are out there 24/7.”

Klint Kelley, of Malvern, Arkansas was the culprit of a very large gun trafficking operation. Kelley used to live in Chicago and had numerous ties to Southside gangs. They recovered many assault guns, including an AK-47 and AR-15.

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Kelley was arrested Sunday after trying to sell 8 guns which totaled in $7,000 in sales. Six of those guns were assault weapons, and the other two were a shotgun and pistol.

This is all good news for crime in Chicago, just this past August we had a steep 32% decline in gun violence. Hopefully it’s a good sign for times to come!

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