Send free Valentine’s Day cards to kids at Lurie Children’s Hospital with “Handfuls of Love” Lurie Children's Hospital website
Lurie Children's Hospital website

In a Reddit thread, a user by the name of Jmaslo15, shared program information about Lurie Children’s Hospital that allows for anyone to send Valentine’s Day cards to the hospital’s sick children, free of charge.

The program is titled “Handfuls of Love” where, according to the hospital’s website, the goal is to hand deliver 15,000 cards to ailing kids.

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More Reddit commentators shared their gratitude for the info and posted their thoughts on the subject.

User blipsman said, “Thanks for sharing! My son was born 4 weeks ago and has been in the NICU at Prentice since (he arrived 8 weeks early!) and I’ve been passing through Lurie every day going to/from the parking garage… I see some of the sick kids every day and feel so bad for all them dealing with whatever ails them.”

To which user Guiness responded with, “I hope your son gets better. My girlfriend works there and some of the stories I hear of the kids there break my heart.”

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Last year, thanks to the support of the community along with the CDW Corporation- the hospital was able to give 10,000 Valentine’s Day cards for their patients. And ask you can imagine, the smiles on every recipient’s face was heart-melting worthy.

To send a card this season to the children at Lurie Children’s Hospital at no cost, click here.

To watch card deliveries from last year’s Valentine’s Day, scroll on below – courtesy of Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

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