What better gift can you give this holiday season? Why, the gift of time of course!

Visually impaired Chicago workers have crafted clocks that are now being sold at local Target stores.

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It’s a gift that not only serves a purpose but also supports the efforts of those workers who are visually impaired.

The clocks are currently being sold in two Chicago Target stores: the Targets on Elston as well as Division.

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But don’t fret! If you live in the suburbs or a little farther away, you may also purchase them in the Wheaton store or on Target’s website or Amazon.

And buying the gift of time [espically for Giving Tuesday] gets even better — as generous donors will match donations to the Chicago Lighthouse up to $75,000.

You can watch the full coverage here thanks to WGN9.

To learn more about the organization, you can discover their beliefs here as well as here.

Visually impaired Chicago workers make clocks sold at local Targets WGN9 screenshot