Watch legendary Cubs announcer Harry Caray and Bill Murray inaugurate Wrigley Field night games in 1988 Facebook/Cubs

Wrigley Field just celebrated the anniversary of its first night game, which took place August 8, 1988.

It was the last major league field to get lights, and the sold-out game stirred excitement and drew large crowds and dignitaries.

One notable Cubs fan, Bill Murray, chats about the exciting event with longtime Chicago Cubs announcer Harry Caray.

Decades later, the Cubs still hold a special place in Murray’s heart.

The first night game was played at Crosely Field in 1935. The Cubs had to wait more than 50 years until their first night game at Wrigley Field in 1988.

The installation of lights ignited debate for years, and for a while the lights were banned by a City of Chicago ordinance.

After threats of moving the team of Wrigley, and out of the city altogether, the case was closed and the Cubs joined the rest of the major league teams in hosting night games.

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