WGN’s anchor butchers Pennsylvania dutch town name, hilarity ensues

Pennsylvania is a state with an incredible history and lots of Dutch influence from the early settlers of one of the original 13 colonies. Among the culture and history of the Dutch towns, there are some pretty peculiar names with some particular pronunciations.

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Locals use them in everyday conversation without batting an eye. An anchor on Chicago’s WGN Morning News was reading a story about towns in Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

The story was a follow-up to a story WGN aired Tuesday about the National Christmas Center in Paradise. While attempting a riff on some of Lancaster County’s other uniquely named towns, anchor Robin Baumgarten came across Lititz.

“Here’s some other great town names,” Baumgarten said, before she launches into her attempt at saying Lititz as “la-tits.”

“That’s not right,” co-anchor Larry Potash said, as he and and other co-anchor Paul Conrad laughed.

The anchors laugh for several seconds before proceeding to list other “delightful” town names: Blue Ball, Bird-in-Hand and Intercourse. An editor’s note on the web version of WGN’s story apologizes for the use of an image of Ephrata when Blue Ball is discussed.

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“I’m still sticking with my pronunciation,” Baumgarten said at the end of the segment.

Lititz police wrote a tweet in response, saying WGN should have followed them on Twitter.

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