What do you get when you bring cats and an arcade together? Chicago’s newest “Catcade” NDN/Fans 1st Media, Jukin
"This cat loved to massage itself. However, when his owner caught him doing it, he stared into the camera awkwardly and continued paw at his body."

If you walk into Lakeview’s newest arcade, you may notice some of patrons are lethargic and sleeping on the floor.

Nope, they’re not drunk – they’re cats.

The Catcade was opened by two feline fenatics, Christopher Gutierrez and Michelle “Shelly” Casey, earlier this month. Guests can go enjoy arcade games, a living room vibe, wifi and cuddles six days a week. The best part? It’s not just cool, it’s saving lives – every cat is adoptable.

The Catcade’s has a mission “to rescue cats from life-threatening situations such as high-kill shelters and to find friendly, quality homes for them through our adoption program.”

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They opened on August 19, and according to their Facebook page, they’ve really landed on their feet.

“We have been turning people away all day,” the page shared on Saturday, urging people to make reservations.

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They’re also sinking their claws into the neighborhood by offering weekly cat yoga starting September 10.

If you’re allergic or afraid you’ll die from cuteness overload but still want involved, The Catcade has set up a donation page to support their efforts.

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