The Wieners Circle is known for hilarious signage and this week’s was no different. As the former FBI Director James Comey went to Capitol Hill to testify about the Russia investigation and President Trump, the hot dog joint

“Comey don’t play that, Lordy we got the tapes,” the restaurant wrote.

Comey made a comment in his hearings the he hoped there were tapes of his conversations with the president, as evidence to what he was testifying. “Lordy, I hope there are tapes,” he said.

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The joke is a reference to a meme from the show “In Living Color.”

One Redditor explains:

Late in the last century, the Wayans brothers had a comedy/variety show on the Fox TV Network called “In Living Color.” Homey D Clown was a recurring character on the show whose catchphrase was “Homey don’t play that.” Homey was a bitter, sarcastic man forced to work as a clown in a prison work release program. When a child asked Homey to do something clownlike, Homey would respond by hitting the kid over the head and saying “Homey don’t play that” as shown in the following scene:

Wieners Circle had the perfect response to the James Comey hearings this week Reddit/Screenshot
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