This past Wednesday night’s Powerball drawing resulted in yet another failure to deem a jackpot winner but you know what that means for the next drawing on Saturday night…

According to the WGN report, the original $460 million in prize money will grow to $550 million as the numbers 2, 18, 37, 39, and 42 no one claimed with a Powerball number of 12.

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But hold onto your horses now – just because no one claimed the jackpot, does not mean there were no winners. According to the news outlet, at least six tickets won secondary prizes of $1 million or more so double check your tickets as billions of dollars in prize money goes unclaimed, every year.

And along with the Powerball, you could win big with the Mega Millions game which has a drawing this Friday. According to WGN, with no jackpot winner since Oct. 13th, Mega Millions has an estimated jackpot of a whopping $418 million.

According to the news outlet, this was the first time on record that both lottery games offered prizes of $400 million or more at the same time but it is said to happen more frequently. This is due to the longer odds in both games – leading to less frequent jackpot winners and more frequent, large jackpots – according to WGN.

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The news outlet reports that the longer odds have not refrained people from purchasing tickets – but quite the opposite. WGN reports that the larger jackpots are, the more sales skyrocket. Americans spent $80 billion on them back in 2016, according to the news outlet.

And according to WGN, it’s more than what most Americans spent on movies, video games, music, sports tickets and books — combined.

So…who is ready to play ball?

After no winners, Powerball jackpot is at a hefty $550 million Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images